Comparing NTA AU/NZ with other Nutrition Courses?

31 March 2021 by Leanne Scott

Comparing NTA AU/NZ with other Nutrition Courses?

Are you weighing up which nutrition course to take?

Its a BIG DECISION so you want to make sure it's the right one for you. 

Here's a few tips to help you navigate your decision.

1. Compare the Course Content

Does the course teach you more than just dietary templates? 

Does the course divide anatomy and physiology separately from biochemistry and nutrition or weave them together holistically? 

Dividing the body into parts is called the “Reductionistic View” - separating the body or functions into different compartments and looking at each separately.

Our program takes the “Holistic View” - the body works together and is completely interconnected in a beautiful symphony and should be understood that way 

What Support do you offer during the study? phone, email? do you get an assigned tutor to ask questions to? 

At NTA, Every student is assigned a Course mentor each term to provide support in learning the clinical aspects of the training. We also run weekly LIVE webinars to explore the content and any questions the students have. The Instructor Team also offers weekly office hours for those students who require additional one on one support.

2. Ask what your Scope of Practice will be after graduation?

Will you be able to be an effective practitioner?

Check out our Scope of Practice and what it’s like to work as an FNTP 3. Does the Course teach you THE WHY of Dysfunction?

If we don’t understand what is impacting for example, our digestion or driving autoimmunity or dysregulating blood sugar how can we truly support our clients?

4. Does the Course teach you how to support the WHOLE BEING?

Will you learn ALL ASPECTS of what it means to be a happy healthy thriving Human? Here is a list of what we explore in our program.

5. Does the Course explore ALL aspects of a Human's Stress Bucket?

What will you do if a client appears to have the most “perfect” diet in the world but they are still unwell? We delve into all underlying stressors and help you peel back the layers and unload body burden with your clients. 

6. Who developed the Curriculum and why?

Our program is completed independently funded (we are not funded by government or industry) and developed by critical thinking researchers, a passionate driven Academic Team and taught by Instructors who are also “In the Trenches” Working FNTP’s which means that curriculum stays current, ever evolving and non biased. 

Our teachings are based on three ways of knowing - science, clinical experience, and ancestral wisdom focusing on the bio-individual human standing in front of us - not populations. 

7. Will the Course only teach you template protocols or personal nutrition based on BIO INDIVIDUALITY?

We teach our students a Functional Clinical Assessment skill-set which allows our practitioners to address each client BioIndividually. It is a unique assessment only taught in our course that tailors each protocol specifically to each clients needs. When a body is restoring healthy function, a persons diet may need shift many times in their healing journey - not any one dietary philosophy is right for any one person regardless of their condition(s). We teach an in depth understanding of physiological dysfunction - the why behind what goes wrong in health. You can have the most perfect diet in the world but if you don't understand what is driving Dysfunction in the body - even the most nourishing foods will have limited value. 

We can all agree most health issues are complex, more complex than many of us truly appreciate. Understanding the "how" and "why" is vital for determining "what" someone needs to eat.

8. Will the Course be recognised in the Country you live in?

Our program is Nationally and Internationally Recognized by multiple professional registering bodies :

  • ACONT- Australian Committee of Natural Therapies

  • IICT- International Institute of Complementary Therapies

  • CMA UK  - Complementary Medical Association- UK

  • NANP - National Association of Nutrition Professionals USA 

9. Is there Post Graduate Support?

Our graduates become Diploma qualified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and join a well connected 6500 strong world wide supportive community which specializes in the Functional Philosophy of health.

A whole world opens up to our graduates through our community - access to various specialty courses, webinars and monthly Mastermind community meetings.

10. Will the Course help you to build your Business?

Our 20 module curriculum also includes a dedicated module on Practice and Business Development and Final Term weekly guidance at no extra charge.

11. Is there Advanced Level Training?

NTA AU/NZ offers post graduate Advanced Level Training Pathways should you wish to specialize in Functional Lab Training or deeper levels of Mind/Body Support.  Read more about this here.

Are you ready to go deeper?

Are you ready to say yes?

Then reach out to us today! 

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Leanne Scott

Leanne is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach and Lead Instructor for NTA Australia/NewZealand. She hopes to change the health of future generations through loving support and knowledge. Find Leanne at