Happy healthy holidays!

23 December 2015 by Leanne Scott

Happy healthy holidays!

My clients always dread this time of year, thinking it will be either a massive test of will or a major stumbling block on their health journey.

But when they realise that there is a strategy and 'work-around' to any potential situation, they feel empowered knowing they have options.

Here are my top five tips for the holiday season:

1. There's a swap for everything — preparing holiday feasts at home is a great opportunity to create healthy non-reactive versions of your traditional comfort foods. You can literally Google any gluten free, dairy free or Paleo meal version of a holiday recipe.

2. Start your day with a nourishing well-balanced breakfast of healthy fats, protein and plant-based carbohydrates for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. My favourite go-to breakfast is smoked salmon, avocado, grilled mushrooms, and steamed spinach. Yum!

3. Stay hydrated! Festive alcoholic drinks are all dehydrating to the body (diuretics). Slowly sip water throughout the day and for every cup of diuretic include 1.5 cups of water to replenish hydration.

4. Eat mindfully — digestion only occurs in a 'rest and digest' state. Remember to give thanks for your meals, moments with family and friends, and don't rush — cherish your experience.

5. Rome wasn't built in a day — of course, not every day will go to plan. Use these times to learn from your body. How did you feel the next day? Average, fatigued, bloated, anxious? This wasn't a fall off the dietary journey — it was an optimal time of experiment and self-realisation!

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Leanne Scott

Leanne is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach and Lead Instructor for NTA Australia/NewZealand. She hopes to change the health of future generations through loving support and knowledge. Find Leanne at