Natural Ways to Manage Pain

27 October 2015 by Morgan Allan

Natural Ways to Manage Pain

Anti-inflammatory drugs work in a way that inhibits the natural formation of prostaglandins.

Essentially, our body cannot do without prostaglandins and the multitude of functions they provide.

Prostaglandins are communicators that help maintain homeostasis and importantly, they control inflammatory function. An imbalance in essential fatty acids can contribute to anti-inflammatory hormones, means that our healing process is inhibited and our ability to recover from accidents or painful conditions is slowed/lessened.

By taking anti-inflammatory drugs, the body is unable to naturally inflame (PG2) and then suppress the inflammation (PG1-3). They inhibit the formation of Arachidonic Acid in PG2 pro-inflammatory formation, therefore blocking the pain that may be caused by natural inflammation processes. This can severely hinder and slow the natural healing process.

A mixture of healthy fatty acids in the diet is essential in maintaining optimal health and the correct formation of prostaglandin function.

People who experience pain relief with aspirin and other inflammatory drugs feel the relief because they are not making enough of their own anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which is causal of fatty acid deficiency.

Inflammation can be effectively managed with nutritional therapy. We can manage inflammation naturally with proper dietary changes and by maintaining an optimal, wholefood, properly prepared diet.

The result can be less pain and reduced healing time.

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Morgan Allan

Morgan is a graduate FNTP of NTA Australia's Class of 2015. From North Queensland, she is part of the team at Pure Core Nourishment in Townsville.