How to Stay Positive When You're Struggling With Fatigue

25 September 2016 by Fran Dargaville

How to Stay Positive When You're Struggling With Fatigue

When you're struggling with fatigue, it's incredibly easy to slip into a negative mindset.

I've been there. There were times when all I could think about was that I couldn't even remember what it felt like to have a clear mind; to feel energised.

I had one doctor warn me about depression, and another recommend anti-depressants, when really – I wasn't depressed at all, I was just bloody exhausted!

Whether you're battling to make it through the working day or bed-bound, there are plenty of simple strategies to lift your spirits (and keep them there!)

While it's awesome to turn to this list when you're feeling down, implementing each of these things into your daily routine will keep you positive and on the road to recovery!

Let's get cracking, shall we...

1. Eat happy food!

It's hard to feel happy and energised when you're eating SAD! (That's short for the Standard American Diet, which is jam-packed with miserable foods like refined sugar and carbohydrates.)

Steer clear of inflammatory foods like caffeine, refined sugar, refined grains and hydrogenated oils.

Eating real food is the way to go. Healthy fats, fresh colourful veggies and quality proteins are so important to provide the nourishment needed to heal and restore balance in your body.

2. Exercise

And I don't mean flogging yourself in the gym. Whether you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, adrenal fatigue or another fatigue-related health condition, this is likely to do more harm than good. So take it easy!

Start small and do a little something every day and slowly work your way up, taking note of how you feel.

Daily walks and gentle yoga were so helpful for me during my recovery. If you're quite not up to that, try some simple home exercises.

3. Meditation

Meditation makes us happy, reduces anxiety and stress, improves focus, memory and has a ton of other benefits. For a meditation how-to, check out this blog post.

4. Mantras

Let me get a bit woo-woo here for a minute. Positivity goes a long way in healing fatigue. When you're feeling down, a mantra with meaning for you is an awesome way to manifest happiness and energy.

For me, I really want to feel energised, abundant and free. If I'm feeling sorry for myself or my mind is wandering during meditation, I'll repeat these words inside my head and visualise myself really embodying these words.

How will it feel? What will that look like for me?

This will keep you motivated and on track with your health and happiness goals, and well on your way to recovery!

5. Nature and Sunshine

Get outdoors! A bushwalk, swim in the ocean, lying down in the sunshine or at the very least getting some fresh air will leave you in a positive frame of mind. (Extra points if you take your shoes off for some 'grounding!')

6. Laugh

Spend quality (read: fun) time with friends and family, listen to a funny podcast (I like Hamish and Andy, gets me cracking up every time!) or watch your fave comedy. This reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which you'll be familiar with if you get that 'tired and wired' feeling or suffer from insomnia.

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