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Student Testimonials

"The NTP course is awesome! You can learn at your own pace and go as in depth into the course material and beyond as much as you want to - you are supported all the way both by the instructors and with comprehensive resources covering the basics to the more detailed concepts. You really don't need a huge background in nutrition to get started with this, as the supporting science within the course is foundational, relevant and clearly explained and built upon as you progress. You will gain a real vocational qualification within a year as you learn to apply the practitioner skill set very early on. It means you can pretty much start wearing the hat and networking and educating potential clients from the get go.

This is a real eye-opening course into the insights of how food can make a difference in every aspect of your whole wellbeing, and how the body has an innate ability to educate us all, which when we tap into explore it, proves to be very exciting. Concepts alongside nutritional therapy are also included in this course which complements the skill set you will acquire in consulting sound advice from a holistic perspective."

Rob Jones, NTP, Natural Therapy Pages

"I am Ilse, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I run a successful and busy practice in the beautiful Capricorn Coast in QLD Australia.

My interest in nutrition and health started to expand when I was struggling with eating disorders and depression early in my high school years. I was trapped in an evil web because my depression fed off my malnourished diet and my eating disorders fed off my depressive thoughts. Throughout the years I've done my own research on nutrition and lived how I thought was healthy according to my research from good old Mr. Google, fitness magazines, and supplemental stores as most of us do when we start going to the gym or exercising religiously to improve our health.

It wasn't until I studied Nutritional Therapy that my life REALLY took a turn for the better, health wise! It was here that I learned that we cannot reach optimal health if we are not also focusing on restoring our mental health and we cannot be 100% mentally healthy if our diet and lifestyle is suffering.

The Nutritional Therapy Association focuses on a holistic approach to healing. They look at how the whole body interconnects and functions, how it is depended on certain foundations. They focus on this as their approach to restore function within our cells, our organs, our systems and ultimately the whole body.

They truly strive for optimal wellness with anyone seeking better health. They do not focus on the symptoms itself but rather on the underlying causes and ultimately restoring function within the whole body!

Studying Nutritional Therapy is one of the best decisions I have ever made, it changed my life!"

Ilse Ladd, NTP, Balanced Bodied Nutritional Therapy

"My ten-year journey with chronic fatigue involved countless visits to doctors and specialists, tens of thousands of dollars spent, not to mention the brain fog and fatigue that dealt a blow to my social life, stopped me from living the active adventurous life I craved, and at times, really dampened my spirit.

I was told the fatigue was just a stage, that I'd grow out of it. I was exhausted and unbelievably frustrated. After devouring books, blogs and podcasts on nutrition, I signed up to the NTA program to learn how to rediscover my health.

After overcoming my own health hurdles, I'm now passionate about helping others reclaim their energy and vitality in my Nutritional Therapy clinic in Sydney's CBD."

Fran Dargaville, NTP, Nourishment Unrefined

"Before I truly discovered food, I thought I was healthy – I exercised and ate pretty well (so I thought). However, almost 6 years ago after having our first son, I saw a decline in my health. I was tired all of the time, everything became an effort from the time I woke in the morning until the time I went to bed. After having a range of medical tests I was told this was normal; I was a busy
mum and tiredness and fatigue are just part of it.

So then came my discovery of food. Simply changing the way I ate changed my life. I had energy, a clear head, and I was happy. Not long after, our son began suffering from severe asthma attacks which hospitalised him monthly, for a week at a time. Hospital doctors and nurses were amazing to help him through his acute attacks – without them, he may not be with us today. But, at this time, we were slaves to his asthma, just waiting for the next attack, constantly on edge and feeling helpless. I didn't want to accept that this was the life for our son and I knew that simply managing his symptoms was not the answer. I dove more into food for myself and my family and our little man's asthma became manageable and the hospital trips stopped.

My life was transformed by nutrition. I love it, live it, breathe it every day with my family.

I have since had my second son... I am 4 years older than I was when I had my first son, but I feel better than I have felt—ever. Being tired and struggling through the day is not just part of being a mum. After improving my health, and the health of my family with a diet overhaul—eating good quality foods full of healthy fats—I started reading more about nutrition and health. It became so obvious to me that we literally are what we eat and the best way to health is through good, wholesome food.

Studying with the NTA helped me understand why symptoms appear and how nutrition can help to resolve them. And now, I work with clients to empower them to take back their own health."

Lyndal Harris, NTP, Unrefined Nutrition

"Joining the Nutritional Therapy Association has been a huge turning point in my life. I have always had an interest in health and eating well, but I didn't realise just how much work I had to do on my own well being. Studying nutritional therapy is such an eye-opening experience, never again will I look at food, medicine and accepted dietary wisdom in the same way. The pace of the course is very flexible and caters for students of all academic ability and level of nutritional understanding. The support of the instructors has been unparalleled - they know so much! I feel privileged to work with such experts in this field.

I vacillated for a year about whether this was the right course for me. It is perfect. Not having to commit to three years of study; being part of a body that doesn't just promote the status quo around food; and having the freedom to work at your own pace all separate the course from anything else offered in Australia.

I have made friends for life - finally finding a group who are as health obsessed with me and don't ever judge. Everyday I am so glad I made the decision, because regardless of where it takes me I now am armed with the knowledge the keep my family and I healthy."

Maddy Shepherd, NTA 2017 Student,

"The NTA has provided me with a wealth of knowledge to help both myself and others understand the signals our bodies' are sending us. Through the course I've connected with soo many like-minded people, and feel I have finally found my tribe."

Holly Barker, NTA Student 2017,