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New Student Email Series

We've developed a series of weekly messages for our new students to introduce ourselves and keep you up to date with your preparation for class.

Remember, you only need to read and action the tasks for the relevant week (but we won't stop you taking a sneak peek of the weeks ahead!).

7 Weeks Until Class Starts – New Student Message 1

Meet the Student Experience Team – We are Here for You!

Subject: Welcome from the Student Experience Team!  

Your journey is about to begin

Hi there!

Here at NTA, we are extremely passionate individuals. We are passionate about our mission to help others heal, passionate about nourishing food (seriously, you should see our potlucks!), and most importantly—we are passionate about our students! 

In just a few weeks, you will be starting your journey with the NTA and we want to make sure you have the most empowering, engaging, and inspiring educational experience possible, which is why the Student Experience (SE) Team was created.

Our goal is to support you on your path from the moment you register to the day you earn your certification, and then we connect you in with the Alumni team for ongoing community support. We are working behind the scenes with the Academic and Curriculum teams to ensure the content is high quality, the assignments are meaningful, and the learning experiences are authentic and applicable so that you graduate with the confidence and skills you need to be successful.

We work in partnership with your instructor team to challenge you to think critically, wrestle with the complex layers of nutrition, and ensure that you stay on track with the rigorous coursework.
But the most valuable and fun part of our SE role is connecting with you—our students.
Whether you need assistance navigating the online classroom, have questions about your classroom experience, have a concern to address, need a resource or recommendation, or just want to share your thoughts with people who understand and care—we are here for you! Please reach out to us anytime you need support during the course.

Also feel free to just say hi, tell us the awesome things you are doing to bring wellness to your community or send us pictures of your meals (we love to know what’s fueling your brilliant minds).

We will be in touch over the next few weeks to help get you prepared for class and to share some inspiration for what can be done with the education you are investing in. Your official reading list in the next message, so it is almost time to dive in! 

Once class starts, our team will be sending out helpful tips, encouragement, and other important information to help you find success in the program—so keep your eyes out for our communications.

Please send us an email to introduce yourself. 

We love reading every message we get and are so excited to connect and to get to know you! Also, if you want to start interacting with our entire NTA community now, post a selfie with your lunch on Facebook or Instagram with #ntalunchselfie and tag #ntaaustralia for a chance to be featured on our social media channels.*

*Please note that by posting a picture with these tags, you are agreeing to allow NTA re-share your picture and post through various social media channels. 

In the meantime, we'd also like you to get to know us better too! 

Leanne Scott working the FCA in real time!

Leanne Scott working the FCA real time!

Katy getting back to nature for some Vitamin D & grounding! 

Katy Smith

Deanne Landers, working one on one with clients in Sydney

Deanne Landers, graduated in 2017 and is now an Assistant Instructor for the NTA

Rebecca Parkin, enjoying a moment after teaching a yoga class in Wellington

Sue Penfold, catching some sunshine amongst the sunflowers in Western Australia

Mallory Acosta, noshing on duck eggs nestled in kale, onion, beets with some purple potatoes, cooked in ghee with sea salt and smoked paprika!

Mallory noshing some duck eggs

We all look forward to getting to know you!

Wishing you true and total wellness,

Mallory, Leanne, Katy, Deanne, Rebecca & Sue

Mallory Acosta- Vice President Academics
Leanne Scott - NTA AU/NZ Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor
Katy Smith - NTA AU/NZ Admissions & Associate Instructor
Deanne Landers - Assistant Instructor, Australia
Rebecca Parkin - Assistant Instructor, New Zealand
Sue Penfold - Assistant Instructor, Australia

6 Weeks Until Class Starts – New Student Message 2

Time to Gather Your Supplies for Class

Subject: Your official Course Reading List Awaits!

All the scoop on what you can do now to prepare for class

Hi there!

Growing up, I was one of “those kids” who loved when it was time to go back to school. There was nothing quite as exciting as picking out the perfect binder, stocking up on a rainbow assortment of stretch pants, and making sure my pencils had precisely sharpened tips (yes, I am revealing my nerd status!).

Now that I'm an adult, that love of learning and excitement when I start a new program is even stronger since I am choosing the path for my education and learning the information I feel is important. I imagine many of you are feeling the same tingles of anticipation as the start of your FNTP program is just around the corner! Although no stretch pants and epic binders are required (though I highly recommend them), there are some essential materials you will want to start gathering as you prepare for your first day. 
The first back-to-school purchase you will want to consider is your required reading materials. Linked below you will find NTA’s JUMPSTART GUIDE, which includes the core required reading list. You can purchase your books now and start reading if you just can’t wait to dig in! However, it is important to note that one of NTA’s major educational goals is to provide students with the latest, contemporary research, as well as time-tested, ancestral wisdom on every subject, taught in our certification programs.  While this list contains MOST of the books you need for class, we are always evaluating contemporary sources and you should  plan on purchasing up to two new resources during the course.  If a new resource is required, your instructor will notify you at least three weeks in advance of the reading assignment, so it won’t come as a surprise.  


You can purchase the majority of the books through Booktopia via this link, or search on other online bookstores.  Check out the Jumpstart Guide for links to the Core Reading Texts online.

Next on your supply list are the workshop materials you will need for the in-person workshops.

You have a few months still before you need these, but it would be a good idea to start scoping them out now so you can budget or space out the purchases. We will be supplying a final list with affiliate links to the products you need (commission proceeds go to our Jennifer Pecot Scholarship fund)—but you can buy any brand/style you want from a reliable source.

The most important things to note for the supplies are that you need a massage table (for at-home practice and for workshop weekends) and the blood pressure cuff needs to be manual—no digital devices are permitted. The list also shows a test kit, which will be the supplements you need for the hands-on assessment piece of the program. Your instructors will give you more details on how to purchase this kit after class starts (you can’t purchase it in advance).


For those of you eager to start reading now—I definitely understand that passionate drive! However, it is important to remember that a majority of the readings are best understood in context with the other course material—so even if you read something now, you should plan on doing some re-reading when you get to the actual reading in class. 

To help you prioritise the order you purchase and read the books, you can reference the JUMPSTART GUIDE to view your reading texts, under the section 'Reading Guide'.

Finally, since the majority of your coursework will be completed online, there are some key tech specs you will want to have dialed in to make sure you can fully participate and engage with all the features of the course. While tablets can be used, it is really ideal to have a laptop or desktop computer to get the best experience with our learning environment. To ensure full use of the learning platform, you will want to have a high speed stable internet connection and the latest version of your preferred browser (preferred browsers are Chrome or Safari).

Other specs that are useful to have are:

  • JavaScript enabled (see instructions for Chrome here and Safari here)
  • Cookies enabled (see instructions for Chrome here and Safari here

Your class will also be holding weekly Zoom Calls, so it is helpful to  install the Zoom software ahead of time so you can see your classmates during the calls! The free account version is all you need to participate. 

I hope you have fun gathering your supplies as you wait for class to start. Please let me know if you run into any issues or if you have questions—I am here to make your journey as smooth as possible! 
Happy prepping! 
Leanne Scott - NTA AU/NZ Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor
Katy Smith - NTA AU/NZ Admissions,Tech Support & Associate Instructor

The Student Experience Team 

5 Weeks Until Class Starts – New Student Message 3

Change Starts in Your Own Community! 

Subject: Find Your Resources Now! 

It is the perfect time to start making your web of connections. 

Hi there! 
In just a few short weeks, you will be connecting with your classmates and instructors so often that they will begin to feel like family.

Truthfully, that is one of my favourite parts of the program—the relationships you form and the community that remains tight long after the class ends are invaluable. So many students share that they always felt like the odd person in their social circles until they became FNTPs and found the people who “get” it. I remember having that same feeling on the first workshop day when I unpacked my lunch and people said, “that looks delicious, can I have the recipe?” instead of “what on earth are you eating!!?!?” Whether you are just dipping your toes in the water of real food nutrition, or, you have an entire fermentation cave within your cabinets—there is a place for you in the classroom and we are so excited to call you part of the NTA family. 
A huge reason this community can flourish is the heart and soul each instructor pours into their classroom. Never before have I met a group of people whose hearts are as overflowing with love as their brains are with knowledge! If you haven’t already met our instructors’, I would encourage you to check them out this week. Our instructor team is a dynamic, inspiring, and powerful group of experts who are dedicated to leading the next wave of the health revolution by partnering with passionate people like you to spread the real food message.

Beyond getting familiar with your new NTA community, this is also a great time to start making connections in your local community if you haven’t already. I know class hasn’t started yet—but if you want a little bonus assignment, I would challenge you to track down a local farmer in your area and start a conversation. Ask about their farming practices. Ask about how the animals are raised. What challenges are they facing? Do they need volunteers? Not only will you benefit by educating yourself on what is happening on the food scene in your hometown, but it also sets the stage for you to have the resources you need to share with your future clients when they are ready to start sourcing nutrient-dense foods and begin a new way of life. 

For some of you, this challenge will be easy, but for others—you may be surprised to find that there aren’t many farmers in your area, if any. If you find yourself in one of these “food deserts,” this challenge is even more critical as it becomes a matter of finding what resources you DO have to get the kinds of foods you want for yourself, your family, and your clients (which could be growing your own!). The sooner you start investigating your options, the better. 

As you explore your community, I would love to see pictures or hear stories of what you find, get excited about, or challenges you want to overcome. Feel free to email me directly, or, share with our community on Instagram with #ntacommunityconnection. I am so thrilled to have you in the NTA family and look forward to getting to know you even better when class begins! 

Your First Homework Assignment: Set Up Zoom & Canva Account

Class hasn’t started, but I am giving you your first homework assignment to ensure you are reading to rock when class begins—create a free Zoom account, and a free Canva Account.

You will use the Zoom platform for engaging in the weekly lectures, holding your own meetings for group projects, and for virtual practice sessions. Sign up for your free Zoom account here. 
Canva is a great tool that we recommend you use for the creative original content assignments (if you choose), all you need is the free version!  Sign up for a Canva account here. 

For any assignment submissions that require files to be uploaded, the only accepted file type is PDF.  Most of your client work is completed within the bespoke client software, NutriQ, which will allow you to annotate and combine files into a PDF.  You may need to annotate other PDF files, and or combine files outside of Nutri Q, so ensure you have a PDF editor accessible to you.  Adobe is commonly used as it has a wide range of features (but is a paid version), however there are many free versions that will work for the purposes of this program. 

Don’t wait until class begins to ensure your tech specs are up to speed and you have your accounts, there will be enough new goodies to explore when you gain access to the online classroom—so get these basics out of the way now and you’ll have more fun when the real work begins!

I hope you enjoy prepping your tech as you wait for class to start. Please let me know if you run into any issues or if you have questions—I am here to make your journey as smooth as possible!

Please make sure to check out the previous messages in this series if you are just getting started--particularly last week's as it contained the reading list for your required books, which you don't want to miss!

Wishing you true and total wellness, 

Leanne Scott - NTA AU/NZ Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor
Katy Smith - NTA AU/NZ Admissions,Tech Support & Associate Instructor

The Student Experience Team 

4 Weeks Until Class Starts – New Student Message 4

Connect online with classmates

Subject: Digital Opportunity to Connect 

Meet Other FNTP Students Now! 

Hi there!

We are very blessed to connect with so many of you via email and learn more about what has brought you to this stage in your journey.

On the top of nearly everyone’s lists is a hunger for more knowledge, an excitement to connect with more likeminded individuals, and a desire to carry this education back out into your communities to effect real change for other people.

It is truly inspiring to see how many of you are already on your own successful healing paths and are looking to extend guidance to that next level of wellness for others who are still searching.  

Another common thread in our communication with students has been the desire to get connected with your fellow classmates now so you can learn who is in your area, discover who shares your nuanced passions (fermentations, microbiome, stool formations…all the good stuff!), and start cultivating relationships that may have a positive impact on your future growth as a person and professional.

While the best opportunity to develop these connections will unfold during your program–it's fun for everyone to have the opportunity to find each other digitally while we await the start of class.    

If you want to participate in this pre-class connection activity, head over to Instagram to post a picture of something that represents wellness to you and use #NTAAustraliastudent to identify yourself as an upcoming student. Then, you can search Instagram for that same hashtag to find other people who are taking the FNTP program so you can follow them and get a sneak peek of all the amazing people who share our collective mission to restore wellness in the world!

We would also love it if you tag us @ntaaustralia so we can get to know you better as well! You may even get featured in one of our Instagram Stories, where your message could inspire someone else to start their own journey to wellness too. I look forward to seeing your posts and watching the connections blossom.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect as your course draws near, I just wanted to outline the communications that are forthcoming. Our next message will challenge you to connect with your why, then our final weekly message will contain an eBook to help you and your future clients navigate real food in hectic times.

Before class starts, please also check you have received our special email, which contains your login information to test out and ensure you can navigate the online classroom environment (before class begins) - we are so excited to meet you soon! As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions that arise as you prepare for your course to start—the wait is nearly over! 

If you missed previous weekly messages in this series, please continue reading online to catch up! This is especially important for you to get your reading list and workshop tools list. 

May your roots continue to grow in nourishing soil! 

Leanne Scott – NTA AU/NZ Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor
Katy Smith - NTA AU/NZ Admissions,Tech Support & Associate Instructor

The Student Experience Team 

3 Weeks Until Class Starts – New Student Message 5

Connect with Your Why! 

Subject: Reflect on Your Personal Motivation to Drive Success

Look inward before launching forward

Hi there! 

Your books are lined up neatly on the shelf. Your computer is “tuned up” and ready to navigate the online classroom. You have done the bonus assignment, connected with other students on Instagram, sent me pictures of your meals to drool over, and are happily anticipating all the new “family” you will soon connect with—or, you just signed up for class and need to catch up on all the news I shared in previous emails!

Whether you have been waiting months for class to begin, or, are following a spur of the moment instinct—the one root that connects us all is a deep passion to help people heal.

Before you get buried in your studies and fill your brain with all the juicy information we have to share, I would love for you to take a moment this week to really connect with that passion and think about your personal motivations.

Why did you sign up for this course? Why do you want to be a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner? How, specifically, do you want to use your education to change lives?

Reflecting on your goals and the underlying reasons you have chosen to travel this road will not only help keep you motivated when challenges arise (fitting in 20 hours of study time each week is not always going to be easy), but it will help you narrow your focus and be more prepared to actually put your knowledge into action when you graduate.

Functional Nutritional Therapy can be taken in SO many different directions—but it won’t be very effective if you try to be everyone’s answer to everything.

Carving out your niche and deciding the areas you want to specialise in will be key to your success—and it will also put you in the right mindset to ask the types of questions during class that connect to your own goals. This is your chance to maximise your education and get as much out of it as possible! If you want to take a moment to write down your reflections on some of these questions, it will help you as you move forward in the program to begin to formulate your thoughts around this now. ALL of us came to this course for the same reasons, the passion and desire to learn a deeper truth. That very desire is what will bind us together not only during the program but long after. Get ready because you are about to meet your new life long friends!

So allow me a moment to share a little bit about my why. Perhaps it will help you formulate yours as well...

My story and my family's story is now an increasingly common one but with perhaps a few unique differences Id like to share with you. I am now 51 years old and the only member of my family who has not developed an autoimmune condition. I am not adopted. The only difference has been my diet.

Since I was a child I have always been aware that many modern foods made me sick. Instinctively I avoided these foods and by my late teens I realized there was a pattern. Naturally as I avoided these foods I craved others - animal proteins, fats, nuts and vegetables - just simple whole real food. Growing up this way in the late 80's/90's was difficult - everyone including my family thought my diet was abnormal and I was destined for a heart attack due to my consumption of fats.

However I also never had to concern myself with my weight, meal portions or worrying about my next meal as I was never hungry between meals. Everyone use to say "Leanne you never eat!" But it was actually that I did not need to snack every two hours like everyone else.

By my mid 30's my family’s health began to unravel. Autoimmune disease began to spread like wildfire - Hashimoto's, Lupus, Celiac disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This inspired me to begin my own research into the link between diet and disease as it was the only factor in my life that was different from my family’s. During my research I happened across a little book that changed my life: “Primal Body Primal Mind” by Nora Gedgaudas.

I actually thought it was the story of my life. It seemed to explain every physical and health experience my family and I were undergoing. So inspired, I reached out to Nora, writing her a letter to simply thank her for her book and the profound impact it had in my life. Quite unexpectedly she wrote back and we began to correspond. One day she said to me that since I was spending so much time researching this, I ought to put it all to good use and with that she recommended my educational pathway into nutrition, which I've followed to this day.

Nora had recommended the Nutritional Therapy Associations' Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program (FNTP). It was one of the first foundational educational programs she undertook and she now sits on their Advisory Board. Although other programs such as IIN sparked my passion for nutrition, it was the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) which truly unraveled the science of nutrition and human physiology and the under workings of dysfunction as a result of the modern Western diet. Based on the teachings of Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Francis Pottenger and a philosophy based on Ancestral Health, it was such a profound experience for me, that thanks to Nora's guidance and inspiration, I committed myself to bringing the program here to Australia. As of March 2015, we launched our first inaugural class, bringing a new paradigm of Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners to Australia.

So why do I do what I do? Here's the fundamental reason. My children - Sam and Lane Scott.

They've been on an Ancestral-based diet over half of their lives since they were 2 and 3 years old. They are now 13 and 14 yrs old.

We are constantly being told that Sam and Lane are the most nourished children they've come across. The second most common comment we receive is that they are calm, articulate children that never fight with each other! We are a family that knows only too well that our diet has made all the difference.

We were inspired to do so by our son Sam. At 2 years old we started to lose him. We began to lose eye contact, he developed a flat effect and as a baby, he had severe digestive and sleep issues. I was a new parent still finding my way and truly didn't comprehend the significance of these warning signs until one day he came to me and in his little voice he said - "Mom, I'm sad all the time and I don't know why". That rocked me… every doctor I ever took him to told me that he was fine but now I knew that was not the case. The only thing I knew was that I had been a child of multiple food sensitivities - what were the chances he was the same? He was tested and sure enough, he was off the charts for dairy and grains. We overhauled his diet and within about 2 weeks our happy son returned.

Now my children's story of recovery and optimized health is one of an increasing many but there needs to be more. It's no understatement to say we are undergoing the largest human experiment in the history of civilization. It's us versus our modern environment and the quality of our food is a huge factor. With every generation we are witnessing a rapid decline in health and fertility while at the same time we experience skyrocketing disease. We as a species are running out of time and generations before we will see the full impact of manufactured foods.

I do this for every single one of us and all of our future children.

I am eternally grateful for being a part of the NTA family and for all the hard work they do. We are not just practitioners but truly paradigm shifters and I'm so proud to be a part of this rapidly expanding international family.

The NTA’s program was exactly the education I needed to follow my passion and create the change I wanted to see in the world. I would love to know what brought you to the FNTP program and how you plan to transform the health of yourself, your family, your community, or the world at large! Even if you don’t want to share, please write your thoughts down for yourself and post them up where you will continually be reminded throughout the course of your passionate “why”!

Wishing you happy hearts and nourished bodies, 

Leanne Scott – NTA AU/NZ Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor

The Student Experience Team 

2 Weeks Until Class Starts – New Student Message 6

Time To Fuel Your Brain! 

Subject: Dial in Your Meal Strategy Before Class Starts 

An ebook full of tips to help you stay nourished during your studies

Hi there! 

If you are anything like me, what to eat and/or what to feed your family is always one of the top thoughts floating around your brain! For people with our passion for health, I think it becomes an even bigger focus because we are considering so many other factors beyond just “what is on sale” and “what is tasty,” although we account for those concerns too!

As you are on the final countdown to the start of class, I thought it would be fun to chat about batch cooking to give us all some fresh ideas and advance meal planning to free up brain space for the upcoming coursework.

Batch cooking was a strategy that I had always read about, but never really adopted into my routines because the needs of the people I am feeding felt so variable, it was tough to think of enough meals that everyone would eat to actually cook in bulk and freeze. Instead, I found the more DIY style meals, like a classic salad bar, worked much better for my family because each person could select what they want and what their bodies needed for that day—so each plate didn’t have to be the same finished dish. However, cooking and preparing a wide variety of ingredients for people to choose from at each meal was taking more time and energy than I had to give each night, which is where my idea for uniting the batch cooking strategy with the customizable meal strategy was born! I call the strategy Bio-Individual Batch Cooking, because instead of making pre-assembled meals, you are batch-preparing a bunch of individual ingredients that can be set out in different combinations throughout the week for each eater to build their own plate.

To test out my idea, I decided to document the process and strategies involved in an ebook to share with all of you. While I learned that I am definitely not a graphic designer—I do think there are some valuable tips here and that many of you will enjoy trying out this Bio-Individual Batch Cooking approach to help get nourishing meals on the table during your studies. Have some fun with this light reading before class and let me know if you end up giving it a try!


I hope you find some new ideas and get a head start on mapping out meals to keep yourself and your family nourished as you dive into your studies. I will be sending out your login information for the Canvas classroom in the days leading up to our program start—it truly is just around the corner.

Enjoy the ebook and take some time to contemplate how you will keep your brain fueled during your studies.

Looking for more inspiration? Here are a few more e-books from our Graduates. Don’t forget to check out their websites and say hi!

Empowered Nutrition

Wellness With Sivan

Dietary Foundations
Finally, just a reminder to make sure you check out the required reading list below and get your materials purchased for class:


Wishing you happy hearts and nourished bodies, 

Leanne Scott – NTA AU/NZ Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor
Katy Smith - NTA AU/NZ Admissions,Tech Support & Associate Instructor

The Student Experience Team 

1 Week Until Class Starts – New Student Message 7

Test Your Login Information! 

Subject: Canvas Login Information – Get Ready for Class to Start! 

Test your username and password Friday before class, so you are prepared for the first day of class.

 Hi there! 

The wait is almost over for your Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program to begin, class starts in 7 days! We know that you want to be ready to start on the first day, so we are giving you early access to make sure you can successfully sign in and navigate to your class.

The Friday before class starts you will receive an email from Student Experience with your log in credentials for our online learning platform Canvas.   

To test your login information provided in your email  - Visit the Canvas classroom portal here 

Canvas log instructions are all provided in your onboarding email. 

Please note you will not have access to the class content or most of the forums until the first week of class.   Instructors are still loading in discussions and announcements, so everything may not appear totally ready or functional yet :). Relax and get ready for the adventure to begin next week! 

As soon as you have successfully logged in you will be in what is known as the “common area.” This is not your classroom.  To get to your specific class, click your classroom icon on the home page.  

Important information about getting started and your weekly Zoom calls is all housed under the Getting Started section in Modules.  We recommend working through this Intro Module to set yourself up with key information and documents prior to class opening on Monday. 

Other than that, there is nothing else you need to do until class begins. 

Next week, on the first day of class you will be able to official commence the modules, starting with Welcome Week 1.  

Now is the perfect time to speak about mindset, (something we will revisit later in the program), and how to prepare yourself for your student journey and the future work you will do with clients.  Enjoy these short 8 minute videos as you get ready for the class kick off next week!

The Triune Brain

The Purpose of Your Mind

How to be Grateful for Stress

The Change Model

How to Alleviate Suffering

Many thanks to our friend Mindset Architect Maurice Harvey-Hall for these amazing little videos.  Need support around mindset? Check Maurice out here

Have you ever worked with an FNTP?  We highly recommend this as it gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn and also benefit your health - search for an FNTP here

I hope your experience through this program is one of fulfilment and health. I am thrilled to support you on your journey and look forward to seeing ho w you use this education to change lives!  

Wishing you peace, strength, and a passionate drive as you step into this next week! 

Leanne Scott – NTA Australia/New Zealand Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor

The Student Experience Team

First Day of Class – New Student Message 8

How to prepare for class

Subject: Today is the first day of your FNTP Program!

See the tutorial to help you organise your day

Hi there!

Whether you have been waiting for this moment for years—or this is a leap of faith, last-minute decision you are diving into—the time has come for your FNTP journey to begin!

Take a moment to appreciate the significance and importance of this moment: your life and the lives of those you interact with enter the change process as soon as you start learning. Celebrate your initiative to take this program. Honour your passion to gain this knowledge. Embark on this next step with positive intention and expectations for amazing growth personally and professionally.

To ensure that you can begin class with confidence and understand the best way to engage with the online course materials, we created a brief tutorial video to walk you through what to do on your first day of class. Click the button below to watch the tutorial and then login to Canvas to officially begin working on your Welcome Module. 

Remember, you can login any days/times throughout each week that work for your schedule—but do pay attention to the timeline for completing each module in your syllabus and note when your live Zoom calls are so you can attend as many as possible. You should see the details for your first Zoom Kick-Off Call in the first Announcement post from your instructor team as well as in the Syllabus.

You will be hearing from the Student Experience team throughout your journey through the program, so keep an eye out for future emails, but also feel free to reach out for support, to share moments of excitement or challenge, or to ask questions along the way. We are so excited to see how this path unfolds for each of you and wish you a wonderful first week of class.

As a last call for those who registered in the final hours, I wanted to share the JUMPSTART GUIDE for the last time to make sure everyone is prepared for an amazing start.

Sending you fist-bumps, high-fives, hugs, and celebratory dance moves,

Mallory Acosta – Student Experience Manager
Leanne Scott – NTA Australia/New Zealand Program Facilitator & Lead Instructor
Katy Smith - NTA AU/NZ Admissions,Tech Support & Associate Instructor

The Student Experience Team