Why Do You Eat the Way You Do?

16 July 2019 by Leanne Scott

Why Do You Eat the Way You Do?

Is it: 

  • Food philosophy
  • Craving
  • Filling a hungry belly 
  • Stress 
  • Performance 
  • To achieve a health goal
  • Weight loss 
  • Cultural or family tradition 
  • Comfort 
  • Fear 

And how is that working for you?

How's your:

  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Skin 
  • Weight
  • Energy 
  • Focus
  • Digestion? 

Are you just plain happy for no damn reason? 

No? Let's continue.. 


How many of us eat because our body told us EXACTLY what to eat and we honoured that?  

How many of us are so dialled in and connected to our bodies that we know when to course correct to meet our daily needs? So connected that when we don't feel right, we know how to do the detective work to figure it out?

When was the last time you ate—not by what your mind thought was right or the latest study says is right—but by what your body actually told you it needed AND it was still equally delicious food?

How did that happen? How did we get so disconnected that we have to blindly trust our health to someone else? 

How did we lose the connection to our own innate intelligence designed to help us look after ourselves? 

The fact is...

Every cell, every tissue, every organ is made from the food we eat.

Every. Single. Cell 

Good Food = Good Function. 

Bad Food = Bad Function. 

Bad function looks like...

  • Unhappy skin
  • Unhappy hair
  • Unhappy body 
  • Unhappy thoughts 

And you know what else it looks like?

It looks like disconnect and more importantly...

It looks like disease.

But it’s not that food is good or bad, because if it’s REAL FOOD it’s more about what’s RIGHT FOR US - RIGHT NOW.

You see, the body is dynamic and the diet that worked for you last year, last week or maybe even yesterday may not be right for you now. 

Yes, it's really that dynamic and really that fascinating. 

Because when you learn the language of your body and allow it to guide you, AMAZING things begin to happen. 

You discover you are capable of achieving what you want your life to look like. You discover you are more powerful than you know. 

Unlock potential

SO Are you ready to reconnect with your body and uncover your greatest potential? 

Are you ready to take back control over your body, your health and your happiness? 

Are you ready to help your community do the same? 

Are you ready to learn more? 

Reach out to us today - we have over 7600 practitioners worldwide, committed to helping people reconnect to their greatest selves. 

And we have one training organisation that completely lives and breathes that very philosophy. 

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Leanne Scott

Leanne is a Board Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach and Director of NTA Australia/NewZealand. She hopes to transform the health of future generations through loving support and self empowerment. Find Leanne at