Advanced Trainings
Advanced Trainings

Advanced Training

Wanting to continue your education? Or looking to add additional skills and offerings for your clients through further training?

We have done the leg work for you and compiled a list of the latest post graduate trainings in functional nutrition around the world, that you can register for through NTA AU/NZ as a student or graduate.  Student's can bundle these advanced trainings into their tuition (including payment plans), to enrol in once they have graduated from the FNTP program. 

Graduates of the FNTP program may enroll in any of the advanced trainings listed by registering through the post graduate registration form.  For all available trainings and details on how to register or include in your tuition see details below.

Diploma Upgrade

FNTP graduates who previously received a certification prior to 2020 can now upgrade to Diploma status. This qualification is recognized in Australia by the Australian Committee of Complementary Therapies for TGA Practitioner status. International Graduates are required to enquire with relevant professional accrediting bodies  with their country as to whether this qualification will be recognized.

Diploma upgrade will involve current curriculum review and course work to catch-up certification students to the current 1200 contact hour requirement. Clinical hours requirements are dependent on graduating year and location.

More about the Diploma Upgrade

Restorative Wellness Solutions

Restorative Wellness Solutions is a comprehensive functional nutrition certification program for qualified health professionals.  We believe clinical mastery is possible for you. We know that confident, skilled practitioners transform the way health is delivered.  

Restorative Wellness Solutions training's begin with RWS Level 1, Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing.  Further levels can be pursued only once RWS Level 1 is completed. 

More about RWS Level 1


Our beliefs are so important, they underpin everything we do and they create our reality. PSYCH-K® & NTA both recognise the importance of our beliefs as the foundation of our emotional wellness, our empowerment and our healing.  As a PSYCH-K® Facilitator you are equipped with simple, effective and repeatable balances to support lasting subconscious change and transformation for yourself and your clients. When you change your beliefs …you change your reality.

You may only commence the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop once fully graduated from FNTP training.

More about Psych-K Basic Workshop

Basic DNA ThetaHealing

Master the Healing art to tackle the subconscious, emotional and hereditary components that can sabotage a person’s health and can unconsciously make a person hold onto suffering, stress, illness, disease, food intolerances and/or disorders.

Learn how to tap into your innate power and reprogram the subconscious mind to create wellness from within.

More about Basic DNA ThetaHealing

Metta Muscle Testing Method

Metta Muscle Testing Method uses simple Applied Kinesiology skills adapted for remote or distance work. With agreement, intention, and intelligence we can use these techniques to acquire direct information from another’s energy field to make effective bio individual protocols best suited to their unique constitution.

More about Metta Muscle Testing Method

Supplement Academy Courses

Empowering health professionals worldwide make educated supplement choices with confidence and ease by providing the most comprehensive courses on supplements in the world. 

Though its foundation is functional nutrition, FNTP’s also must navigate the world of therapeutic supplementation to support their clients. That is exactly where the Supplement Academy program comes in.

More about Supplement Academy Courses

Alchemy of Breath

Whether you’re a complete novice or a competent facilitator already, this training will meet you where you are and take you to the level of mastery that Alchemy of Breath represents. Together we will develop your strengths to meet your biggest challenges – because that’s where your greatest gifts lie. There are thousands of people that need exactly the guidance and support that you can give as a result of your journey to mastery. 

About the Certified Breathwork Facilitator Program

Epidemic Answers Health Coach Training Course - Specializing in Supporting Children and Families

Epidemic Answers presents, 'Healing the New Childhood Epidemics' an online training course for health coaches and parents.

At Epidemic Answers, we know that working with an integrative health coach can be an invaluable part of the healing and recovery process for many families. Because so many of our children’s chronic conditions can be improved through diet and lifestyle interventions, something that is squarely in the wheelhouse of integrative health coaches, we are passionate and enthusiastic about connecting families to health coaches. We also know that children are different and their developmental needs require careful consideration.

About the Health Coach Training Course

The Embody Lab - Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate

This unique 3-month online certificate program is designed for individuals, practitioners and educators wanting to explore a somatic approach to attachment based therapy: including a deeper understanding of the body’s relationship with developmental and relational wounding and healing.

About the Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate

The Embody Lab - MindBody Coaching Certificate

This unique 4-month online certificate program is designed for individuals, practitioners, and educators wanting to explore the power of somatics and coaching, one that fosters a truly transformative change.  

About the MindBody Coaching Certificate

The Nourish Method - Gray Area Drinking

The world we live in tends to think about alcohol consumption in terms of black & white. As coach or healthcare practitioner, you’re probably pretty aware of addiction and sobriety. You know the stereotypical signs, you have some tools, and you’re familiar with the stumbling blocks. 

But what about that level of drinking that looks normal?  It can be passed off as social and doesn't come with a rock bottom, but is still unhealthy for the people doing it.  Welcome to the world of gray area drinking.

If you are a coach and a former Gray Area Drinker- welcome, you'll love this training!  It is the only professional development  program offering real-world resources, recorded sessions (with real clients!), plus the science behind the problem and the solution. 

About The Nourish Method

Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner Course

The Certified Gluten-free Practitioner Course combines an in-depth overview of autoimmunity, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, protocols to address inflammation, intestinal permeability, functional lab testing, as well as, marketing strategies to grow your practice. 

This is the only course that offers the most comprehensive training possible for getting to the root cause of the body’s healing potential.

About the Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner Course

Energetic Test Kits

We are now offering a variety of Energetic Test Kits for graduates to elevate their practice.

We have compiled a range of kits in different sizes covering different systems/areas of health, from probiotics/binders, antimicrobials, to immune supports, to emotional kits and one for environmental factors.  Custom designed Kits will also be on offer, allowing you to create a kit that suits your needs best (prices will depend on what is requested.   

Trainings are available to support you with the Self Testing process, and also specified trainings for each of the Kits if needed.  For further support one on one consultations with our expert will be available. 


Workshop Refreshers

Here's your chance to catch up, reconnect with the community and earn some CEU's to maintain your FNTP certification.

We're opening up weekend workshops to our Diploma qualified graduate FNTPs and current students who feel they need extra training prior to midterm or final exams.

Previously, you needed to be a Course Mentor or Assistant Instructor to be able to attend workshops once you graduate. Due to popular demand, we're trialing 'Workshop Refreshers'.


Everything you need to know about the Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Course and how to get started.