Metta Muscle Testing Method
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Metta Muscle Testing Method

Metta Muscle Testing Method uses simple Applied Kinesiology skills adapted for remote or distance work. With agreement, intention, and intelligence we can use these techniques to acquire direct information from another’s energy field to make effective bio individual protocols best suited to their unique constitution.

Who is this course for?

This Advanced Training Pathway is available to students and graduates of the FNTP Diploma program as post graduate advanced specialization options.  As this builds on the foundational knowledge and thinking pathways which are learning in the Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program.

This course is for FNTP graduates wishing to learn muscle testing for both personal and clinical use. It is geared for FNTP's \who make dietary and supplemental protocols professionally.

Using the techniques laid out in this course you can do functional assessments without touch or even being in the same room. If you have ever wanted to include an online extension to your practice- you can!

For those who have been Health and Nutrition Coaches online, you may never have considered muscle testing to be relevant to your practice. This work makes muscle testing accessible and applicable in an online only environment adding a level of depth and accuracy to your recommendations.

The course is self-paced and includes a 72-page e-book with 15 Videos that let you practice with me as I demonstrate. The e book prints out beautifully if you would like to take full advantage of the worksheets included for notetaking, tracking your progress, and results.

Course Content

Section One – Introduction

Section Two - The Basics

  • Two-handed Techniques
  • Single-handed Techniques
  • Pendulum Basics
  • The Body Pendulum
  • Using the Body Pendulum
  • Organ Scan
  • Full Body Scan

Section Three - Advanced Magic

  • New Skills
  • Mudras
  • Building Protocols
  • Dosing Technique

Section Four - Specific Testing for NTPs

  • Using the FCA Tools with MMTM

Section Five – Practitioner Self Care

  • Grounding, Thymus Thump, Meridian Balancing

Section Six – Making the Energetic Connection

  • You Are No Longer You

Section Seven - Ready to Start

  • Complete Client Session


When you finish the course, you will have a short assignment to fill out and send in to receive your Certificate of Completion.

NTA offers 3.5 CEUs for this certificate.


$490 AUD
Metta Muscle Testing Method is a self-paced course that can be commenced at any time.

Through this work we can bring our intelligent and compassionate care to all who would seek us out whether they are in our local community or across the globe.

To include Metta Muscle Testing in your tuition for your FNTP program, download the Registration Pack

To enroll in Metta Muscle Testing as a FNTP Graduate, please download our Post Grad Registration form here.