Supplement Academy Courses
Navigate Supplements with Confidence & Ease
Supplement Academy Courses

Empowering health professionals worldwide make educated supplement choices with confidence and ease by providing the most comprehensive courses on supplements in the world

Who is this course for?

This Advanced Training Pathway is available to students and graduates of the FNTP Diploma program as post graduate advanced specialization option.  The 15-week comprehensive Supplement Academy program builds on the foundational knowledge and thinking pathways which are learned in the Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program.

Though its foundation is functional nutrition, FNTP’s also must navigate the world of therapeutic supplementation to support their clients.

That is exactly where the Supplement Academy program comes in.

It was created so practitioners worldwide—like you!--can navigate the ever-changing world of supplements with confidence and ease year after year.

  • Do you want to be able to identify supplements that meet your quality standards with 100% accuracy, freeing you from needing to import supplements?

  • Do you want to know the EXACT what-when-where-why-how of optimal supplement use in clinical practice, taking your clinical skills to the next level?

  • And do you want to gain these skills in a community environment with 24/7 access to expert support?

This and MUCH more are exactly why founder, Kate Mahoney, created the Supplement Academy and its courses.

If you don’t know her, Kate Mahoney is a former NTA instructor [who even taught for NTA Australia!] and a supplement expert with 25+ combined years of extensive education and professional experience in the areas of supplement quality and the therapeutic use of supplements in clinical practice.

She created the globally-focused Supplement Academy courses for health professionals around the world who want to,

  • Easily identify supplements that meet YOUR specific quality standards with 100% accuracy

  • Understand the what-when-why-where-how of functional supplement use

  • All while having direct access to Kate’s expertise in a supportive community

Information Resources

You can learn more about the comprehensive 15-week Supplement Academy curriculum here.

Supplement Academy alum share their experiences here.

You can get an idea of Kate’s personality and instructor style here


Upon successful completion of the Supplement Academy courses, you will receive

  • Level 1 SQS certification and use of the professional SQS designation

  • Level 2 FSS certification and use of the professional FSS designation

  • 60 Continuing Education hours (30 for each course)


Because NTA Australia holds a special place in Kate’s heart, she provides a tuition discount to NTA Australia students! This tuition discount is only available when the Supplement Academy courses are included as part of your NTA Australia registration. If you enroll in the Supplement Academy courses elsewhere, regular tuition fees are required to enroll.

Normal Tuition: $2600 AUD

NTA Australia Tuition: $2166 AUD

Course Duration: 15 week program

Time Commitment: 6 study hours per week

Weekly Live Classes: 12 hours

Total Continuing Education Hours: 60

To include The Supplement Academy Courses in your tuition for your FNTP program, download the Registration Pack

To enroll in The Supplement Academy Courses as a FNTP Graduate, please download our Post Grad Registration form here.