The 3 mistakes that prevent health and wellness

17 January 2024 by Leanne Scott

The 3 mistakes that prevent health and wellness

We all know the feeling: you set ambitious health goals at the beginning of the year, stock up on the latest superfoods and supplements, and dive headfirst into new workout routines. But despite all your effort, progress feels frustratingly slow, or worse, you end up back at square one.

The truth is, there might be some hidden roadblocks tripping you up on the health and wellness journey. Today, we'll unveil 3 common mistakes that often hold us back: 

Mistake #1 | Overlooking the Mind-Body Connection

Focusing solely on diet and exercise is like trying to build a house on a shaky foundation. While physical health is essential, neglecting your mental and emotional well-being can sabotage your best efforts. Stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, hindering your progress and motivation.

Mistake #2 | Trying to juggle too many goals at once

Setting goals is crucial, but overloading yourself with a laundry list of aspirations can be counterproductive. It's like trying to learn five languages simultaneously – you'll end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. In this program you'll learn to assess a client’s readiness for change and support them in designing appropriate action steps that move them toward self-determined goals.

Mistake #3 | Underestimating the power of mindset

You wouldn't try to solve a math problem without the right tools and formulas, right? So why approach your health with a haphazard mindset? 

FNTP's not only do the detective work to determine where the body is prioritizing healing so that you can achieve your goals, they also support you from a whole human perspective from mindset, emotional wellness to exploring what environmental factors might be important roadblocks.

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Leanne Scott

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