Do you know what YOUR body really needs to heal?

18 October 2023 by Leanne Scott

Do you know what YOUR body really needs to heal?

What makes our NTA AU/NZ Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners so unique and so sought after?

Without a doubt it’s our Functional Clinical Assessment and Lingual-Neural Testing skillset 

Did you know the same innate intelligence which beats your heart, breathes your breath provides you messages about the status of the function of your your body every single minute of the day? 

You have your very own direct bio-feedback mechanism designed to help you care for and optimise your body.

Our Diploma qualified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are trained to not only tap into this communication pathway but help you reconnect to this intelligence as well. 

Because how can we truly achieve Whole Healing if we do not know where the priority starting point for that healing is and what specific nutrients OUR BODIES need - not populations similar to us or with similar conditions.

FNTP’s are trained to communicate with every organ system from our digestion, nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and detoxification to assess and support early signs and stressors such as blood sugar dysregulation, fatty acid deficiency, mineral depletion, inflammation, malabsorption and dehydration. 

Before you embark on your next (or third) template protocol or therapeutic diet maybe now is the time to consider what is the bio individual needs of YOUR BODY and reach out to us today. 

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Leanne Scott

Leanne is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach and Lead Instructor for NTA Australia/NewZealand. She hopes to change the health of future generations through loving support and knowledge. Find Leanne at