Top 5 tips for navigating the holidays - strategies I wish I knew before I became an FNTP

19 December 2023 by Leanne Scott

Top 5 tips for navigating the holidays - strategies I wish I knew before I became an FNTP

December is definitely that time of year when we feel our best intentions for health get tested to the max. Between the hectic shopping, meal planning, parties and family get togethers it can often feel easier to park our self care until the New Year.

But what if we could do both? 

What if we could sail through the holidays and still feel amazing? 

We’ve asked our FNTP Community to weigh in on their top 5 tips for navigating the holidays. 

So here’s our helpful suggestions to shift your Christmas and New Year from just trying to “get through” to fully appreciating every moment! 


"This is a beautiful time of the year to catch up with family and friends, and for those who don’t drink or want to limit alcohol my tip would be to have the ingredients for a few favorite mocktail recipes on hand to stay hydrated and add a bit of sparkle to your celebrations.”   

Jo Asquith, FNTP of Liberation Well Being

We found these fun low carb mock tail recipes you might like to try.


“It’s ok to say NO - to events, to people, to expectations - that don’t feel comfortable to your nervous system. Stay true to what makes you feel wholesome and at peace, so you’re able to move into the New year with clarity and self worth”.

Tasha Jones, FNTP | @tasha.jones.primal.wellness


"Practicing mindful eating by chewing food slowly which allows for better digestion and helps you recognise when you're full, preventing overeating".  

Sara Fieschi, FNTP of Food Spirit Wellness


“Choose to slow down during the holidays. Take some time to close your eyes and breathe”.

Bianca Fontana, FNTP of Breathe with Bianca

Most of us have become shallow breathers in a busy world but learning how to correctly breathe can calm our nervous system and help us navigate even the most challenging circumstances. 

Bianca offers a free introduction to Breath work on her website if you feel ready to explore the power of breath and have an powerful experience over the holidays 


“Keep up the exercise! Movement can do wonders for keeping us grounded and feeling amazing over the holidays”,

Michelle Meyer, FNTP of Alive Healthier. 

Michelle share more great tips here.

And Bonus #6 

“Be present to every moment, relax and appreciate the time and connection. Because really isn’t that what the Holidays are really all about?"

Leanne Scott, FNTP and Director of NTA Australia

Have a Very Merry Christmas NTA Community, warmest of wishes to you and your loved ones. 

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Leanne Scott

Leanne is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach and Lead Instructor for NTA Australia/NewZealand. She hopes to change the health of future generations through loving support and knowledge. Find Leanne at