getting to the underlying cause
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Do you love learning about nutrition?

And have you found yourself wishing you could understand why people get sick?

As in, really get to the root cause of the problem?

Maybe you've thought about doing a degree in nutrition, but you...

a). don't want to spend the time and money and/or

b). don't want to learn calorie counting and low-fat food pyramids.

Or possibly you've looked at few online courses and felt unsure about whether they're worth it.

The NTA offers an intensive, one-year course that will change the way you look at health and the human body.

Essentially a 2-year, full-time course condensed into one academic year with 72 hours of in-person weekend workshops, it is unlike any other tuition on offer. You will study the foundations of human health and real, functional evaluation techniques that help you help others.

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A Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner doesn't replace a medical doctor or the need for one.

An FNTP works alongside doctors and other health professionals to support their diagnosis and coach the client to make the changes that will move them back into balance. Some FNTPs are in private practice, some are actually licensed professionals that just want to add to their clinical tools, and some FNTPs just use what they know to help themselves and their families.

Being an FNTP is incredibly rewarding. If you would like to know more, please make an enquiry below.

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