Jennifer Pecot Scholarship
50% of the FNTP Program tuition fee

Applications taken prior to each class.

We are honoured to offer this scholarship in memory of Jennifer Pecot, who we unexpectedly lost in 2017. She was an amazing instructor who inspired and educated many members of our community. To carry on her legacy, this scholarship is dedicated to supporting students who are aligned with our mission of redefining health by nourishing, educating, and connecting individuals and communities.

The scholarship prize awarded will 50% of the cost of tuition for the Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program, which is equivalent to AUD$4,950.

Scholarship windows open for one month ahead of the class cycle, with the notification of approval being granted within 5 business days of applications closing. Note: maximum of one scholarship per class. 

To apply, please complete our Scholarship Application Form.

Please note that you will not be able to submit your application without a link to your video essay. The scholarship committee will consider need as a component, but attitude, passion, and showing how you are currently helping in your community are the most important attributes we take into account. We want to know what problem you are dedicated to solving and what lights you up. 

Please let your creativity shine through in your video!

Your video should be between two - three minutes answering this question;

What have you been doing in your community to participate in shifting the paradigm of health from the status quo, to a balanced, sustainable and holistic way of health and living. And secondly, what do you envisage being able to do in your community in the future with this diploma qualification?

To share your video with us, please paste the link to your video in the appropriate field within the application. You can use any video sharing platform like Vimeo or YouTube or file sharing platform like Dropbox, but whichever you use, please make sure to set the permissions so that we can see the video.

Winners will be notified 5 days after scholarship applications close, and must pay the remainder of tuition (AUD$4,950) within two weeks of acceptance in order to be registered. Please note you will also need to be able to afford books, testing tools and any travel and accommodation required for workshops.

Winners who do not have their tuition paid prior to the class start will forfeit their scholarship and it will be awarded to another applicant.

Do your best and good luck!

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