Workshops Refreshers
Feeling a bit rusty?
Workshop Refreshers

Here's your chance to catch up, reconnect with the community and earn some CEU's to maintain your FNTP certification.

We're opening up weekend workshops to our graduate FNTPs and current students who feel they need extra training prior to midterm or final exams.

Previously, you needed to be a Group Leader or Assistance Instructor to be able to attend workshops once you graduate. Due to popular demand, we're trialling 'Workshop Refreshers'.

This is a great way for you to revise what you previously learned—and for graduate FNTPs who've let their membership lapse—kick start that career.

Here's how it works:

1. Choose the Workshop that suits you
2. Check there are places available by emailing
3. You'll be sent an invoice to pay the fee by credit card or PayPal
4. Bring your tools with you to the workshop
5. Earn CEU's (Continuing Education Credits)

Price of Workshop Refreshers

Workshop One only $650.00 AUD 
Workshop Two only $650.00 AUD 
Workshop One and Two $1200.00 AUD

Register well before workshops start to hold your place.

Ready to experience the NTA love all over again? 

Fill out the FNTP Refresher Form and...